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Camille Warren

Camille WarrenIn January of 2007, I made the decision to lose weight, get fit and regain my health. I was 40 pounds overweight, out of shape and tired all the time. The largest factor in that commitment was joining The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express.

In the beginning, I felt a little intimidated and overwhelmed at entering into the world of health club fitness. But, with the help of a trainer and some nutritional guidance, the results began to be visible immediately. Several sessions with a trainer helped me gain the confidence to know how to work out in a way best suited for me. To be honest, my expectations at the time were to lose weight and look better. I didn’t really realize how much better I would feel! I also underestimated my own ability to reach a certain fitness level. I had no idea that, at 47, I would be able to run five miles!

Five years later, I am healthier than I have ever been. I am a 12-year breast cancer survivor, and I am convinced that my commitment to nutrition and fitness have greatly contributed to staying cancer free. I have always fought the weight battle, and I have been much thinner at times, but I have never been more physically fit and attractive. Thin does not equal beautiful! It is never easy to achieve or maintain fitness, and most days, I make the choice to work out because I need to, not because I just want to. But, I cannot overstate how worthwhile the effort is and how rewarding the benefits! The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express provides such a variety of fitness activities for all ages, men and women, and that is extremely helpful in the fight against workout boredom. There are many cardio options, free weights and machines, and lots of great classes. My personal favorite is Taylor’s yoga class!

At 47, I know that I will never be 25 again, nor will I look like I’m 25. But, with appropriate exercise and good nutrition, I can look and feel youthful and be my best at any age. I know that, for the rest of my life, I will be committed to my health and fitness. As Bette Davis said, “Old age is no place for sissies!” Thank you, Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express, for your commitment to improve Texarkana’s quality of health and life.

Eddy and Kim Barnes

Eddy and Kim BarnesFor us to choose a healthy and fit lifestyle, we had to come to the realization that sitting on the couch, “doing it our way” and putting it off for another day was getting us bigger by the day! We finally figured out we couldn’t do it without help.

We chose The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express for several reasons. They have childcare for our 5-year while we work out. They also have a café, which is helpful to us because we leave work and head straight to The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express. By that time, our son is usually hungry and ready to eat. Some of the other benefits with our membership are the pool, the group fitness classes, birthday parties for our son and the convenient hours and location.

Prior to joining The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express, we were clueless about proper nutrition, what equipment to use and how to use it. We decided a personal trainer could teach us these things, plus make us more accountable and push us to our optimal performance level. Tyler Hilton is our personal trainer. He goes above and beyond in exceeding our expectations, and he has made working out fun. We consider him part of our family so much so that we have nick named him “The Transformer.”

The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express staff has become our friend, and The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express feels like home. We are pleased with our results. We have a higher endurance, we’re stronger and fit, plus we feel better. Now, we can keep up with our 5-year old, and that’s priceless to us.

Thank you for working with us and helping us making this happen.

Dick and Allene Starks

Dick and Allene StarksAllene and I have been together just over 50 years. For over half that time, we were an office team with State Farm Insurance. We were office bound and really needed some way to exercise. We started out walking and did a lot of that for years until her knees started to wear out. Both had to be replaced.

I had done some free weight exercise in college. I got interested in The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express, and they offered all the free weights and machine exercise equipment we could imagine. We were used to getting up early, so The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express hours appealed to us, and we like being and doing things together. Allene was able to use the machines, even after knee surgery and rehab.

Although personal trainers are available, we choose to do our own thing. We’ve found out we know when to quit, if it hurts too much. “No pain, no gain” doesn’t interest us like it once did.

At our age, we find that the exercise helps us be more mobile, tone up our bodies and give us the energy we need.

We have made a lot of friends at the facility. It’s become a community for us. We’ve developed some relationships we wouldn’t otherwise have available to us.

It’s good to see the Army folks there. They really work hard, and it just makes us proud to see their effort and proud to be members of The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express.

Anitha Kurichety

Anitha KurichetyI moved to Texarkana, Texas from Plano, Texas in the fall of 2010. Having been an avid exerciser for the past 15 years, I was concerned with what Texarkana would be able to offer after living in much larger cities for most of my life. My exercise routines had usually revolved around group fitness classes.

I have been surprised and pleased by the offerings at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express with regards to group fitness. I have been able to find comparable classes to the ones I have been taking at LifeTime Fitness. First, I had been taking a boot camp at LifeTime Fitness and have found a class I enjoy even more at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express which is even more challenging, called Inferno. Kevin Perez, a trainer, leads the class and his education, motivation and care for the members in his class makes the it not only challenging, but also fun. I have seen huge changes in my body since taking this class and always feel great after one of his workouts.

Second, Terri Parsons teaches a Body Pump class with a format which is similar to classes I have taken not only at LF, but also at Bally’s. She is also well educated, inspirational teacher who clearly loves what she does and truly enjoys and cares for the members of The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express. Terri also teaches a great spin/kickbox class I try not to miss it.

Third, The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express now offers a very good Yoga class from Taylor. This yoga class is difficult, while emphasizing stretching and many of the core elements of yoga practice. Taylor is also very well educated and a great instructor.

Finally, I have been training with Terri Court, another trainer at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express. She is committed to her clients, motivating and also well-educated. She knows and understands what each of her clients needs from week to week and also truly loves what she does. I look forward to training with Terri a few times a week.

Overall, the instructors and trainers at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express are incredible and are a main reason The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express is able to provide excellent group fitness classes in a town the size of Texarkana. In addition, all the of the employees of The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express, from the front desk staff to the management of the facility, are a valuable asset that create an enjoyable experience.

-Anitha Kurichety

Daxton McCormick

Daxton McCormickI decided to get a personal trainer so I could increase my speed and overall body strength. Tyler pushed me passed my comfort zone. When I wanted to quit, he was very encouraging and told me I could do it. Knowing he believed in me gave me the momentum to keep going. He gave me tips and pointers on my food intake and monitored my diet by mixing in more food than usual.

By working with Tyler, my performance in baseball and football increased, and I am stronger and faster than before. The overall results of training with him have been very impressive. He very well exceeded my expectations.

-Daxton McCormick

Karlee Smith

Karlee SmithBefore I decided to join The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express I was not a person who liked to work out. I was active when I was a kid but fell away from it the older I got. Working out became a chore that I never wanted to do.

One of my friends joined The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express a couple of weeks before me. One night over dinner, we talked about how I was feeling like my body was out of whack, and she spoke with me about why she joining The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express and how much she loved it. She got me a free 2-week pass, and I decided to try it out.

I went to talk with Jamie at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express, already knowing in the back of mind I wouldn’t commit right off the bat. I walked in The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express and was immediately impressed. I walked out with a Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express membership and my first appointment with my personal trainer. Three personal training sessions later, I’m still loving it, even though it’s hard work and she kicks my butt (literally)!

I love having a personal trainer. I felt I needed the one-on-one motivation and the accountability factor that comes with a personal trainer. Everyone I have come in contact with at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express –staff and members– have been very friendly and personable. The staff shows me daily how much they care about my health and well being, and I know they genuinely care about me as a person as well.

One thing I wanted to be better about was my posture. Since working out with my trainer, I have felt so much better. I feel healthier, stronger and have noticed my posture has improved tremendously. My trainer has encouraged me so much along the way that it makes it easier to come back. I don’t consider my personal trainer as just a trainer anymore; I see her as a friend. Having my trainer as a friend makes everything better. Working out doesn’t seem like a chore anymore. I see it as being an opportunity to help me continue the friendships I have made, and most importantly, better my health.

-Karlee Smith

Tiffany Hunnicutt

Tiffany HunnicuttI signed up for personal training because I was concerned about not being ready for college. I play volleyball at Lamar University, and I am so glad I decided to train. The training I received from Tyler was exactly what I needed. He definitely kicked my performance into high gear with all the explosive workouts we did. Everything was tailored specifically to my needs.

Training provided the push I needed, as well as the encouragement to continue when I was not trying my hardest. In volleyball, everything is quick and short, so my trainer, Tyler, and I focused on developing my fast-twitch muscles. We also did some serious work in the sand to increase the intensity. I certainly had days where I dreaded going to workout, but having a trainer made it fun. I am very grateful for his hard work in preparing me for college sports!

-Tiffany Hunnicutt

Dr. Jim and Helen Wilson

Dr. Jim and Helen WilsonWe joined The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express upon moving here in 1999. Karen Daniel was at the desk. Amy Cornish and Darryl Magee were there as they are now. Shortly after, I underwent major surgery for cancer and was diagnosed also with diabetes. After a 3-month recovery, Larry Green was extremely kind and considerate, helping me to establish a routine to rebuild. For almost twelve years now, this 5-day, weekly regimen has recovered most of my body, and with a strict diet, enabled us to control type 2 diabetes. We are both 79 and the gym routine allows us to remain physically active, mobile and to live independently (I might add that without the elevator, this would not be possible for Helen.)

The abundant facilities are certainly a plus, but the critical elements are the attitude of the staff, the atmosphere and the unending meticulous attention to cleanliness. We are unfailingly greeted cheerfully every day by virtually every staff member. The relationship with them as well as other clients is like family. Alicia McDaniel, desk clerk at the time, even attended our 50th anniversary celebration on her day off. There is inspiration and encouragement from those conquering weight and rehab challenges. We meet here every day, and it is like a pleasantly different world. We are here with those our age all the way to high school. There is plenty of “pumping iron,” but it is far from a “jock shop.” The person next to you may be a surgeon, a lawn service worker or a high school athlete. People are polite and collegial.

Mike and Marsha are to be commended for their vision and for having the courage to make it happen! For us at least, it is a big factor keeping us here!

-Dr. Jim and Helen Wilson

Damon Earnest

Damon EarnestEven though I have been a member of The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express since 1989, I had not worked out on a regular basis for over six years. In July of 2009, I made a commitment to myself and my family to lose weight and live a fitter and healthier lifestyle. My daughter had asked me to teach her how to work out, so I thought this would be good for both of us. I am 5’11″. I was up to 280 pounds, had a 42″ waist, was on high blood pressure medicine and I was only 39 years old!

At first, I was just going through the motions to show my daughter what to do, but by the time she started back to school in August, I had lost 20 pounds. The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express staff worked with me on changing my eating habits, proper nutrition and the right balance between weight training and cardio. So, I kept going and more weight came off! Nine months later, I had lost 100 pounds!

I never could have done it without the help and support of the staff at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express. Thanks to them, I have kept it off for two years now. I never thought it would be possible to lose that much weight. I am now 180 pounds, have a 31′ waist, have been off blood pressure medicine for over a year I and am in the best shape of my life at age 41. Anytime someone asks me about how I lost my weight or asks my advice on joining a gym, I immediately answer The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express. With their state-of-the-art facility and equipment and their helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff, why would you want to go anywhere else?

-Damon Earnest

Sondra, Johnny & Joseph

SondraMy name is Sondra, and I’m a 45-year old wife and mother. We came to The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express in July to enroll our son in swim lessons, but after touring the The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express and speaking with Jamie and Caitlin, we not only wanted swim lessons but we wanted and needed a Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express membership. So, we joined the gym. My husband Johnny is in the Air Force reserve and has to pass fit testing once every six months. He was passing his test, but it was taking him two, sometimes three, attempts to pass them. My 10-year old son Joseph and I sat around the house all summer and gained a considerable amount of weight, so as a family, we knew it was time for us to join.

I had been a member of The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express years ago when they were open 24 hours a day. Back then, I worked swing shift and could go after work. Joining The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express now as a family, we understand the commitment and dedication a healthier and fitter lifestyle requires, and we have no preconceived notions about a gym. I knew it would be hard to start working out again, but I felt it couldn’t have been any harder than quitting smoking. Joseph (my son) said, ‘It wasn’t hard at all,’ but I recall him being sore a time or two. Johnny (my husband) was already working out once a month but working out two and three times a week was a little harder.

We wanted a gym where we could all go and be together as a family, and The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express fits that need perfectly. Having a personal trainer is also very important to us. Our personal trainer, Chase, shows us the right way to exercise to stay fit, and it’s nice to have someone to talk with while you are being made to work a little harder. Plus, you can switch out counting reps with each other so you can both talk. Having a personal trainer costs extra, but because of the extra cost, we are motivated to be more accountable and committed to coming back for ourselves and our trainer.

JosephWe have met really nice people and made new friends at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express. For us, one of the best things about going to The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express is the great people that work there. Joseph is an only child, so he really enjoys talking and visiting with everybody. He works out first, then he enjoys going to the field house where he plays with other kids while he waits on me to finish my work out. I don’t have to worry if he is okay or where he is; The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express field house staff takes great care of him.I don’t have to hurry to finish my workout, and that’s really wonderful. After my work out, the Pulse Café chef, Lynette (my new friend), makes me a delicious smoothie. Sometimes, we eat dinner in the Café. I know I’m in better shape now, I’ve lost weight and I’m working on losing more. My husband Johnny has increased his fit scores and has been deployed, but on his return, he will be right back at it. Joseph has lost a lot of weight and is really enjoying being able to get out and having the energy to do more. I see that we all feel better physically and mentally. We will be working out for the rest of our life! Thanks to The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express family for all you have done for us. We pray we have bought you all a little bit of brightness as well. We’ve made The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express our gym for life!

Thanks to everybody that has helped us get a great start to a happier healthier life.

-Sondra, Johnny & Joseph

John Williams

John WilliamsThere was no ‘one’ event in my life that led me to pursue a healthier lifestyle, but medical research was showing the life expectancy for black males was shorter than other groups. These facts made me reexamine every aspect of my lifestyle; what I ate, my exercise program and stressors in my life. So, for the last 30 years, I have followed a rigorous cardiovascular exercise program, ate more vegetables and fruits and focused on not letting stress rob me of my joy.

I have been a member of most of the gyms here in Texarkana, and they all offered various benefits and usually great staffs. When looking for a gym, my first priority is a wide variety of cardiovascular equipment, followed by a friendly and helpful staff. I can tune them out once I’m working out because I get in my zone, but the remainder of the time-friendly and helpful atmosphere is desirable. Last, but certainly not least, is clean dressing rooms and shower facilities! That’s a must. I will not tolerate dirty facilities.

There are several other reasons and things that really stand out to me as to why I chose The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express as my gym:

  • 1. The young folks that work the entrance are really nice and pleasant. They have taken the time to learn my name and always greet me with a smile and a kind word. As I said, I can tune most stuff out when I’m in my zone, but I really like these folks.
  • 2. The sauna and steam room are the cherry on my sundae. The steam room just drains all of the stress from me after my workout, and after a steam and a shave, I can go home and crash!
  • 3. The Pulse Café provides me with healthy and delicious entrees at meal times, smoothies that are loaded with all my favorite goodies, and for my viewing pleasure, Direct TV & NFL on Sunday!

I am really enjoying my experiences at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express. Y’all come see us, ya hear!?

-John Williams

Tonya Nix

Tonya NixIn 2006, I had to have surgery on both knees due to a torn Meniscus. As a result of the surgery, I developed Osteoarthritis in both knees. My Orthopedic Doctor told me I needed to stay active, so that’s when I decided to join a gym. I had been a previous member of The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express years ago and really enjoyed it there, so I rejoined The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express again. The staff at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express welcomed me in and gave me a free personal training session so they could show what I should and shouldn’t do with my bad knees and how to use the equipment properly to maximize my results.

Needless to say, I’ve been dedicated to staying healthy and fit. I feel great! My knees feel better and better every day! The yoga class offered at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express is amazing! The friends I have made and the camaraderie in the group fitness Yoga class has made my membership even more rewarding. I can definitely tell it has helped my arthritis as well. My kids love the swimming pools, the field house and all the other activities The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express has for them. The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express is a place my family goes to stay fit and have fun doing it! Yours can too!!!

-Tonya Nix


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