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Hours of Operation

Fitness Center
M-F: 5AM - 10PM
SAT: 7AM - 6PM
SUN: 1PM - 6PM

Field House
M-F: 9AM - 10PM
SAT: 9AM - 6PM
SUN: 1PM - 6PM


Ages 6 weeks to 5 years old

Mon-Fri; 8AM-7PM



The Pool is Closed for the season

Mon-Fri; 11AM-7:45PM
Sat: 11Am-5:45PM
Sun: 1PM-5:45PM


 Directions & Map:

5610 Richmond Rd
Texarkana, TX

07Swim Lessons

  • Level 1 – Introduction to water skills
  • Level 2 – Fundamental Aquatics skills
  • Level 3 – Stroke Development
  • Level 4 – Stroke Improvement
  • Level 5 – Stroke Refinement

Child Swim Lessons

17When Should My Child Learn to Swim?

Like many decisions you make for your child, there is no textbook answer. You know your child best, and you must decide when your child is mature enough to learn to swim. As general guidelines, we recommend starting your child in swim classes somewhere between the ages of four and six.

16However, while your child is developing his or her likes and dislikes, make sure that you expose your child to water in a safe, fun manner. Parent and child classes include registrants as young as six months. These classes are not designed to teach your child how to swim or even to survive in the water on their own. They do give you information and techniques to help lay the foundation for future swimming lessons, though. Just as importantly, they are an enjoyable time for you and your child to bond while in the safe constraints of The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express. Remember that, while your child is still learning to swim, you must be within arm’s reach of him or her at all times.

Adult Swim Lessons

09The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express is offering six sessions of Swimming lessons. The classes meet daily, Monday – Friday, weather permitting. Certificates will be issued by the instructor to all swimmers at the completion of the course. Each class consists of no less than four and no more than seven swimmers.

Where can adults learn to swim?

While some adults feel sheepish in admitting that they never learned to swim, there is no reason to feel embarrassed. It is never too late to start. Sign up for adult-only swimming classes at The Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express. Learning to swim is vital. Drowning most often occurs when the victim is not planning on swimming or being in the water. Knowing how to swim well is an important tool, especially if the adult in question is ever to be supervising children at a pool, beach or waterfront.


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